Monday, February 1, 2010

Visa does incredible campaign in Grand Central for Olympics...why?

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We all have enjoyed the battles between Visa and Master Card over the years. But the whole premise and whether it is money well spent is subject to debate. The reality is that the cards are not theirs, they are Bank Cards. And each card has different rates, terms, and benefits depending on the Bank. Visa/Master Card make their money via transactions. Banks via keeping a balance. Most people decide which card to use based on the credit limits/how much credit they have, benefits (like Airline Miles) and the card terms. Visa/Master Card have nothing to do with these things. Since there is no competition on transaction fees at point of sale most people really don't care about Visa or Master Card when at the point of sale. So is the money spent in sponsorships and advertising really well spent? Wouldn't kickbacks or lower transaction fees to consumers be much more well spent?

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