Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple's first stumble with the IPad

Apple just released it's I Pad. I truly think they blew it here after all this hype. But how can it live up to the hype? Apple obviously wasn't reading any of the posts here or my posts to the Media Trade Journal Articles when it comes to readers and TV everywhere. Plus not only is the name hysterical since my esteemed sister said it was a bunch of men who came up with the name, Hitler was very disappointed. And I agree with his talking points.

Click for:

Hitler's Rebuttal

Over 700,000 people have seen this hilarious creation which highlights many sever limitations of the I Pad. In one fell swoop all the free marketing from Apple fans and Media/Advertising Industry Journalists and Pundits has been countered.

The Wi-Fi and 3G are great. The battery life incredible. But no Flash???? No Firefox?

This blog had suggested in the past the perfect "Insert Brand Here" Tablet Computer will have full HTML and Flash (or equal) with full web surfing and game playing because that is what people want. They want bigger screens for TV and Movies. I myself bring my laptop into my bed to watch DVD's because up close the screen is bigger than the 19" LCD HDTV across on my dresser. I would love a fix for this heavy, hot device from my lap.

And when an "Insert Brand Here" Tablet comes out with Flash(or equal) they will truly be a game changer. The I Pad is really just a large sized I Touch. And the only reason I can think Apple did this was to not have an APP Creator Revolt. Nothing like bragging about 125K Apps in your store front only to have them not work on the I Tab and crushing that whole ecosystem at once.
But what Apple fails to realize in a HUGE way is that App ecosystem be damned other forms with no App Stores who can care less will gladly destroy this ecosystem. HP, Dell, Sony, Upstarts, all have no App Stores!

Interesting because in the past Apple was the company bringing creative destruction to industries.
Now they might suffer the same.

In my next post I am going to address the print industry and where it went wrong and can it be saved.

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