Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bud Lite the Good the Dumb and the Stupid

Just needed to comment briefly on the new Bud Lite commercials. First the Good.The Grooler is ingenious. As a combo of a double cooler and grill all sporting Bud Lite logos (and sold out BTW) I have to give high praise to the creators of this product. The number of impressions these will give at tailgates everywhere is awesome. Won't make me ever buy Bud Lite (I drink only good beer) but if I had one, I would use it...even if filled with Stella, Sam Adams, Pacifico, Becks etc it will still generate impressions!

Now the Dumb. The Foozie which is a combo foam We Are Number 1 Finger and Coozie. Idea sounds good. But ergonomically it is a tragedy. It is the dumbest combo you could create. Just think your team scores a TD and you immediate throw up the Foozie...and immediately douse your neighbor with beer or soda. I will guarantee these wind up in someones closet after one use and never used again. There is only utility inside a sports stadium, park, or arena (or at a local game). No one will ever bring it the beach or use it in their back yard or even when in front of their TV. So the verdict is few impressions and a high probability of starting a fist fight (of course the Foozie owner will lose because one hand is stuck in the Foozie while the neighbor has two fists ready to go.

Now the Stupid. Why do all Alcoholic Beverage Sites force you to enter a birthdate? This does NOTHING to prevent underager's unless they are really dumb from entering the site. Nothing stops a 12 year old from entering in a fake birthdate so why even have it required? I understand it saves brands from lawsuits but the law is dumb and does nothing. Same with porn sites. Nothing except parental control software stops someone too young from entering a site and for a parent or adult or organization to sue someone over this, while full knowing this is a personal responsibility issue is a travesty.

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