Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marketers Salivating At Smartphone Potential..but is the Public?

USA Today Article

My views on this have been pretty blunt. People do not want ads pushed to their phone. Obviously AdMob feels you do. But this person said it perfectly in the comments section of the article:

Oversanitized (1 friends, send message) wrote: 54m ago
Sounds like advertisers can now literally be in your pocket wherever you go. Society acts like that's a good thing. I hate pop-ups on my computer, commercials on TV & radio. Why would I want them in the palm of my hand? I take pride in NOT being a commercial zombie.

Not all marketers and brands feel being pushy is a good for business. But for Ad Server Networks it is their lifeblood. And they will do everything they can to convince clients this is a good thing. Opt-In advertising is the way to go. If people have their small phone screens cluttered with served Ads they will leave mobile web.

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